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Our vision

Pyramis supports your evolution to help you anticipate changes in your environment and industrial sectors!

To respond to current and future challenges – an increase/disruption to the environment and technology, factories and industries of the future, new management and organisation models, business models to be invented…

Pyramis provides creative breakthrough solutions…

We are a catalyst of innovative value growth and our objective is to widen your scope of opportunity to find the best solutions and galvanise your teams within the projects.

Pilot projects developed in the Pyramis Lab promote best practices and accelerate the introduction of innovative processes within your organisation  

Pyramis : A Catalyst for Pragmatic Innovation!

Our values


    Our commitment: to draw up, with you, a made-to-measure, innovative, pragmatic solution which encompasses your challenges, your specific expectations and the reality of your organisation. Over and above the diagnostic and recommendations, your satisfaction will be measured by successful implementation in the field.
    Our relationship and the team we form with our client are based on our ability to listen and to share and mutual aid. This is why our approach centres on the mobilisation of the personnel at all levels to ensure their involvement in your new projects.
  • TEAM
    We give preference to a team approach with multi-skilled multi-sector consultants, where each person contributes to the projects using their expertise and experience in a spirit of collaboration. The result: cross-fertilisation and the optimisation of the solutions proposed.
    Our team members are united in their passion for consulting, “working together” and sharing between ourselves and your teams. We share a passion for the human capital, and for our investment in people, teams and businesses.