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Pyramis TEAM

  • Christian_Combe
  • Olivier_Despujol
  • Florence-Laparra
  • Silvain_Charbonneau
  • Photo de Christian COMBE gerant de pyramis consulting

    Christian COMBE

    Christian, who has more than 15 years’ experience in consulting, has participated in numerous business strategic positioning missions as well as the development of new businesses and transformation programmes.
    He has operated within SMB and ME companies and major groups, as well as in the institutional field.
    Before joining Pyramis, he was a director in commercial enetities, business development and purchasing for major companies sectors in the aeronautic and aerospace industry.

    Christian is a graduate of CNAM and IAE Toulouse.
  • Photo d'Olivier Despujol associé de pyramis

    Olivier Despujol

    Olivier has worked for more than 15 years in the consulting sector. He mainly works on operational excellence missions to define and implement transformation programmes. Olivier operates in all types of industrial and service environments, from very small businesses to major international groups.
    Before joining Pyramis, he worked in the study and supply chain sectors for major businesses and medium-sized industries in the aeronautic and aerospace fields.

    Olivier is a graduate of ENSAM. He is a qualified Lean-6 sigma master black belt, and a qualified Space consultant in Industrial Performance programmes.
  • Photo de Alizee Tessier

    Alizée Tessier

    Alizée, avec 4 ans d’expériences en management de projet, intervient sur des missions de transformation industrielle, optimisation des processus, diagnostic et accompagnement à la certification ( EN 9100, ISO 9001) Elle intervient dans des environnements start-up, PME, grands groupes ainsi que dans des institutions. Avant de rejoindre Pyramis, elle a occupé un poste de direction opérationnelle de TPE et de gestion de projets industriels dans le secteur de la grande distribution et du luxe. Alizée est diplômée de l’Ecole Nationale de Tarbes.
  • Silvain Charbonneau

    Silvain has more than 8 years’ experience in consulting and has worked on numerous operational Supply and quality missions (performance monitoring, problem solving etc.) and quality system (creation and increased maturity QMS ISO 9001, EN 9100 etc.). He works with very small businesses, SMBs and institutions.
    Before joining Pyramis, he held severals operational posts in the automobile and aeronautic sectors (production-industrialisation and design office).

    Silvain is Arts & Métiers graduated - ENSAM - and is a qualified IRCA & AATT auditor certified by AFNOR and IAQG.