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Pyramis: an approach based on customisable methods and tools

One of the great strengths of Pyramis is its ability to always respond to its client’s individual needs. This sometimes demands the creation or adaptation of the methods used by the consultants as existing tools may not be adapted to the needs or specific requirements of certain sectors. The clients can also profit from these developments after our missions as they can use the tools as they wish. These methods are developed in the Pyramis Lab’ by the consultants themselves with the assistance, if necessary of external partners such as agencies or clients who wish to share and often participate in the development of these innovative methods.




A process analysis and optimisation method to improve performance in a complete sector of a business. The method was developed with the support of the aircraft division of the Airbus Group, and has since been improved thanks to numerous contributors. Amongst other things it allows:

  • the projection of sectorial objectives on a process framework
  • the rapid highlighting of the areas of weakness in the organisation
  • the analysis of the causes of failure with reference to a powerful and original process maturity model
  • the facility to judge whether improvements to be made would be disruptive or not
  • the structuring of a reasoned coherent process strategy

The current version of the OptiQ method was developed in partnership with Renault Consulting.

 Modules examples


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A diagnostic tool which allows the analysis of all or a part of a business (SMBs and MEs) with a 360° approach. The tool’s originality lies in its ability:

  • to address issues concerning strategy, governance, commerce, operations, HR, finance etc.
  • to investigate at different levels depending on the businesses or the different sectors within the same business
  • to consolidate the results of industrial sectors made up of different sized businesses
  • to evaluate the performance of the businesses based on the best applicable references
  • without however ever benchmarking against standards in terms of solutions (information systems for example)
  • to highlight functional inconsistencies using a 360° approach

The method was developed thanks to the diversity of skills found in Pyramis and its partners.

Exemples de sythèse OspiD


Do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further information.